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OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE POLICY DESIGN: Setting the guardrails to accelerate pipelines

Having a clearly defined Open Source Software Policy is fundamental to the success of a professionally managed open source software program. Define policies that help decision-making when it comes to managing risk with open source software and implementing a Continuous Compliance Program.

The Open Source Software Policy will be unique to every organisation but will typically cover:


What is the strategy? Why do we need Open Source? Why do we need a policy?

Licensing policy

Develop a comprehensive plan to understand your exposure to code used in your organization and any licensing implications.

Security vulnerability management

Proactively monitor new security vulnerabilities and changing licensing terms.

External Contribution

How can external developers contribute to the organisation's projects.

Varying Rules

Stay ahead of new and changing standards or compliance requirements.

How to apply

Assist developers and compliance teams with the adoption of quality processes aligned to your business goals.


Develop comprehensive guidelines, whitelists, blacklists, and checklists to enable your teams.

How to communicate

Introduce best practices removing the common issues from business as usual. Getting everyone on the same page.

Delivered online or customized for specific teams.

Build trust into software due diligence