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Open Source Solutions

Open Source software has become an integral part of every organisation's development landscape, as more and more businesses are developing solutions utilising open source (OSS) components.

But companies using this type of software might not be aware of what they're getting themselves into — hundreds of thousands of new vulnerabilities in these types of applications are discovered each year. As such, firms need to proactively manage the use of Open Source components and make sure that they comply with license requirements and operational policies.

Why build trust in your software supply chain?

Just like hardware, software has a supply chain - from the developers to the users. By building trust in the software supply chain, not only are you increasing transparency, but you are also increasing the confidence that your customers and partners have in your software.

When the next Log4j hits, how long will it take you to find if the component is in your code? Read more about why it’s important to not ignore Log4j.

Failure to manage this supply chain effectively, can lead to a wealth of issues, such as:

Difficulty Managing Licences

Single proprietary applications are often composed of multiple open source components that are released under different licence types. With the existence of over 200 licence types, management can be problematic.

Potential Infringement

Open Source components may introduce intellectual property infringement risks because these projects lack standard commercial control, giving means for proprietary code to make its way into open source projects. Appropriate Due Diligence into Open Source projects can flag infringement risks.

Operational Risks

Failure to track open source components to update them is a primary concern that could result in operational issues. What are the risks posed by OSS?

Developer Malpractice

Infringement risks can arise from developer malpractice. Your business and customer security can be put at risk if you are using source code that contains hidden malware or is not fully licensed.

Open Source Software (OSS) Services

We offer a range of OSS services to help your business build trust in your software supply chain.

  • Assess & Review – Request a full review of your software security and gain visibility across the chains and to any Open Source exposure. We also offer a free open source assessment to get you started.
  • Open Source Training – Build your teams knowledge and skills with our training courses. Designed to help everyone in your team – no matter what their role in the organisation.
  • Managed Services – Build continuous compliance into your business process to help you manage OSS risk on an on-going basis.
  • Open Source Software Policy – Define clear OSS policies to help decision-making and to manage risk from supply chain attack and implement a continuous compliance programme.
  • SBOM Services – Use SBOMs to help manage your vulnerabilities, and risk (financial, reputational, and legal).

Without visibility, OSS could make your software supply chain vulnerable to security and compliance risks. Get started today - Request a free Open Source Software Audit for an impartial review of software security in your business.