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Software Supply Chain Security

Knowing what’s in your software is the first step to securing it. Develop a complete picture of your software supply chain with free Open Source Audit.

Open Source Security & Development

Open Source is foundational to modern software development. Over 90% of codebases include some type of Open Source.

Software supply chain security attacks have exposed the risks with tools and platforms because you don’t always know what is “inside the box.”

Do you have a policy in place for Open Source development and usage?

Without visibility, software supply chains are vulnerable to security and licensing compliance risks. Failure to manage the software supply chain effectively can lead to issues such as difficulty in managing licences, infringement issues, operational risk, and developer malpractice.

Align people, process, and technology to transform your software supply chain

From quick assessments, policy development, to support with SBOM creation we are on hand to help.


Gain immediate clarity.
What’s in my software?
Where did it come from?
Can I trust it?

Train & Enable

Understand the risks & pitfalls of Open Source software. Get everyone on the same page from Developers to Legal teams.

Policy & Governance

A clearly defined Open Source Software Policy mitigates risks and provides transparency to customers & partners.

Continuous Compliance

Vulnerabilities can appear at any time from anywhere. Build continuous compliance through regular reporting.

Manage your business risk by managing your software risk

Engage at all levels of the organization for greater insights and seamless collaboration. Our assessments help you gain visibility across your software supply chains.

DevOps Teams

Help me build secure high quality software without compromising velocity.

Security Teams

Help me manage risk proactively and focus on what matters most.

Executive Teams

Help me mitigate risk, drive customer satisfaction and accelerate growth.

Through our engaging review, you’ll get a view of your organisation's exposure to Open Source code.  

This means deeper insight into your strengths and challenges and greater understanding of what to prioritize.

Accelerate software development & pipelines with guardrails

Our Proven Approach

We see securing your software supply chain as a journey.

  • Enable developers to understand dependencies across projects
  • Comply with license policies & customer procurement processes
  • Make tracking, monitoring, and reporting more transparent

Engage our experts in developing best practices.


I couldn’t believe we got that level of insight, down to the code level. We have a decent understanding of what is required to move our application to the cloud.

— VP Engineering, Manufacturing


Get Your Open Source Assessment

Gain immediate clarity from our experts through our quick review of your software supply chain security.