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Gain visibility across your software supply chains. Knowing your current position in relation to Open Source exposure will help you plan a path forward for software lifecycle success. Start with an assessment to learn your starting point and plot a path to success.


Our assessments help you gain visibility across your software supply chains


Engage at all levels of the organisation for greater insights and seamless collaboration


Through our engaging review, you’ll get a snapshot of your organisation’s exposure to vulnerabilities in your Open Source components


This means deeper insight into your strengths and challenges and greater understanding of what to prioritise

Do you know what’s in your code?

Open Source Review

We provide a simple three step process to help you manage your Open Source Software supply chain.

1. Conformance Review

Start with an assessment of how you manage and approach open source today. Aligned to OpenChain Specifications and leveraging Software Composition Analysis.

2. Documentation

We offer a fully documented overview of your organisation's management of Open Source Software, including a rating for each relevant process. Together with proof of adherence to the OpenChain specification such as an SBOM or Open Source Policies.

3. Implementation & Enablement

Implement your project plan outlining the process of conformance. Aligned with OpenChain specification requirements and targeting areas of weakness. Educate and enable team members.

The end goal is to allow organisations to display and promote their adherence to these requirements by increasing transparency in the software supply chain