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DEVSECOPS – Building Security into DevOps

Application development is a balancing act. The goal is to create software that is secure and reliable, but also fast and easy to use. Project deadlines may be short giving less time to deliver the finished product. Users also expect a high level of security and functionality, with a user-friendly interface. Juggling these different demands can be challenging.

Securing Open-Source Software at the Speed of Business

Business transformation through software is all about speed and agility. Testing needs to be orchestrated and correlated to make sure security issues don't become a roadblock, especially when working with multiple tools and vendors.


OpenChain conformance benefits our whole organization – building trust and confidence with our customers

— CTO, Pharmaceuticals


Shifting Left - Software Testing


As software development continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it is becoming more and more important to integrate security into the DevOps process.


Make sure you're running the appropriate tests at the right time, so you can focus on getting accurate results for the things that matter most.


Traced provides solutions for DevSecOps that can help your business keep up with the changing landscape without sacrificing speed or security.

Our range of OSS services help businesses to build trust in their software supply chain.

Assess & Review – Request a full review of your software security and gain visibility across the supply chains and to any Open Source exposure.

Open Source Training – Build your teams knowledge and skills with our training courses. Designed to help everyone in your team – no matter what their role in the organisation.

Managed Services – Build continuous compliance into your business process to help you manage OSS risk on an on-going basis.

Open Source Software Policy – Define clear OSS policies to help decision-making and to manage risk from supply chain attack and implement a continuous compliance programme.

SBOM Services – Use SBOMs to help manage your vulnerabilities, and risk (financial, reputational, and legal).