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Software Supply Chain Security & Open Source Development

We’ve developed a portfolio to help you build trust in your software supply chains. We pride ourselves on our high-quality service and expert knowledge gained from years of software licensing and asset management experience. Through partnering with some of the industry’s leading businesses, we aim to build trust into your open-source software supply chain and cloud services.

Independent & Impartial Software Consultants

As independent software consultants our customers can gain confidence in our recommendations as we do not sell third party software, ensuring all recommendations are genuine. We stay updated on threats, trends, and market movements ensuring we can offer a comprehensive approach.

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As a result, we have a diverse client portfolio ranging from tech start-ups to multinational organizations.

- From initial assessment and review.
- To helping train and enable your teams.
- Development of policies to help set guardrails.

Get started with a free Open Source Assessment. We’ll review your software landscape then report back on your current performance and give recommendations that you can start actioning immediately.

Without visibility software supply chains could be vulnerable to security and licensing compliance risks.

We have helped organisations overcome common pitfalls for managing software development


Gain better a legal understanding of the principles of software licencing with a focus on Open Source software


Understand the spectrum of software licence categories (e.g. reciprocal, permissive etc) and how to licence your software


Undertake software due diligence and compliance. Help to deliver software code reviews for clients engaged in Mergers & Acquisitions, acquiring tech companies, investors investing in tech companies or tech companies seeking investment. Implement compliance program with OpenChain and leverage industry best practices.


Train and enable teams at all levels to understand the role of Open Source software in modern software development, and how to safeguard against threats

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